As well as our up-to-date design and manufacture workshops, S M Gases boasts first rate facilities for a range of supplementary gas delivery system services, including:

• Test facilities for components and complete installations to pressures of 12000 lbs/in2 (pneumatic) and 16000 lbs/in2 (hydraulic).

• Degreasing, purging and cleaning of both pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

• Welders qualified in TIG, MIG, and MMA procedures to ASME 1x – 6G, BS.EN 287 and BS.EN 288 standards, from 0.5in to 48in diameter pipe, in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Zeron 100x, Monel, and Cupro Nickel.

• An orbital welding machine for high purity systems.

• Brazing operators qualified in both in-house and industry standards